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Job description of mechanical maintenance

below is the mechanical maintenance job description that we have compiled and provided in our job search application. based on this template description, you can fully customize it to create a mechanical maintenance job jd that best suits your company's needs.

general introduction to mechanical maintenance work

mechanical maintenance work is the employee who maintains, maintains and repairs mechanical equipment to ensure continuous and efficient operation of machinery and equipment.

job description

maintenance planning
one of the most important jobs of maintenance personnel is planning maintenance. this work will be scheduled periodically to ensure that the equipment and machinery where they work are maintained on schedule, ensuring occupational safety at the workplace.

job description of mechanical maintenance

repair and maintenance

maintenance staff must regularly check the operating status of equipment and machinery in the workplace.

receive notifications about machine failure, parts failure quickly so as not to affect other activities.

along with the repair, the maintenance staff is also responsible for finding out the cause of the machine failure.

support installation of equipment.
in addition to the main tasks of maintenance, maintenance staff also support staff in the installation of equipment and machinery at the place they work.

maintenance personnel are responsible for monitoring and supervising the installation of new equipment. to be able to conveniently maintain and manage those devices.

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job requirements

job description of mechanical maintenance

experience in equipment repair and maintenance.
proficient use of electric and manual repair tools.
ability to read technical documents and drawings.
basic knowledge of hvac systems, piping and wiring.
good health, skillful.
high school diploma or equivalent

above are some descriptions of maintenance jobs, hope you have understood a bit more about this job. to update more related articles, check our website regularly for more details!

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