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What Is an Orbital Welding Machine?

orbital welding is a familiar term in the mechanical industry, this is a specialized form of welding that replaces manual tig welding. the welding process is carried out on the orbital welding machine automatically, continuously and 360 degrees around the fixed object thanks to the electrode.


what is orbital welding machine?


the orbital welding machine has the main part where the tube holder controller establishes an arc between the tungsten electrode to melt the object and form the weld. the heat generated by the arc melts the base materials and the electrode moves along the junction, gradually dissolving in order to bond the surface area of the material into one.


what is an orbital welding machine?


the 1980s saw a significant increase in the need for orbital welders, which combined with control systems, machine portability and power supply ensured that orbital welders could easily transport between construction sites. this is improved continuously so orbital welding gradually becomes a more advanced form of automatic welding.


working principle of orbital welding machine


specialized orbital welding machines do the job by rotating an electric arc 360 degrees around the clamp and the object to be welded. the adjustment of welding parameters is set through the microprocessor and the settings can be stored and called when you require them.


the use of an orbital welder requires the welder to have the necessary skills to operate the machine efficiently, without the need for special skills.


what is an orbital welding machine?


when is the orbital welding application?


at present, orbital welding is not commonly used, so only certain jobs and details are available such as:


  • unable to handle manually: some jobs need to ensure the safety of workers, so other manual methods cannot be used.
  • large quantities of welds are required: orbital welding is an automated process on machines so you can use it for bulk production when required, ensuring good welds, limiting many risks and errors in the production process.


advantages and disadvantages of orbital welding in production


- advantages of orbital welding

  • improve productivity at work: welding is done automatically, making work easy and fast.
  • high precision: the orbital welding machine effectively eliminates errors for precise welds, ensuring aesthetics and long-term benefits.
  • ensure worker safety: some complex welds can be difficult to handle manually, so it is best to use orbital welding technology. safety is another one of the reasons why you should be using orbital welding.


- disadvantages of orbital welding

  • for instance, if you are welding different objects, you will require multiple heads for orbital welding. each of these objects should be sized differently to fit the objects that you have with you.
  • also, some objects just cannot be welded through an orbital welder. regardless of the number of heads you have with you, some objects cannot be welded through orbital welding.
  • for the limitations that we have mentioned above, orbital welding is best used as one part of a welder’s arsenal, and not as the only tool that they rely on.


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what is an orbital welding machine?


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