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Orbital Welding Technology In Small Diameter

small diameter pipe is a round pipe with a diameter of 38mm or less, the type of pipe that is widely used in industry. orbital welding technology is a hot melt welding method in which the end faces of the pipe are melted by an arc, they flow into each other and fuse without the addition of 3rd party materials.


the size range for fusion orbital welding is od 3.2mm - 177.8mm, of which the common size is 6.3mm x 0.9mm thickness used for semiconductor gas pipelines. the welding heads in this case are all closed and form a sealed chamber filled with inert gas during the welding process to avoid oxidation inside the pipe.


orbital welding technology in small diameter


each weld end is compatible with a wide range of sizes, which is accomplished by changing the pipe clamps to match the diameter of the pipe on both sides of the end of the pipe to be welded or equal to the smaller diameter. moreover, one can change the assembly of the pipe clamp structure.

orbital welding entered practice in the us in the early 1980s, with the development of a controller that ran on 110v power and was small enough to be moved on site. this power supply provides precise control of welding parameters, making it possible to achieve a high degree of repeatability from weld to weld. newer microprocessor-based controllers and soldering programs list welding parameters for each size of pipe or fitting, which are stored in controller memory and called up when a size is requested. 


orbital welding technology in small diameter


welding parameters include pulse welding amperage, welding speed or stroke speed (rpm), time for each step, pulse duration, etc. welds are usually performed as single pass (single run) with four or more current levels, but welds with two or more passes (multilayer) can be programmed with the current modern. 


two-day operator training should be provided by the supplier so that the user can maintain a uniform and high quality orbital weld. the operator must be able to identify acceptable welds for his application and adjust welding parameters or procedures in the event of unacceptable welds. most high purity applications specify 316l stainless steel, but orbital welds with other materials, including duplex stainless steel tubing for offshore applications, titanium tubing for aeronautical applications and al-6xn and hastelloy for corrosive environments, both have been successfully orbital welded.


orbital welding technology in small diameter


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