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Potential for Development of Domestic Food and Beverage Industry

for many years, the food and beverage industry has always been one of the important economic sectors, so there is a lot of potential for development despite the consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.


how does the food and beverage industry develop?


the growth rate of the food and beverage market is forecasted to reach 5 - 6% per year (2020 - 2025). although, from 2020, our country has suffered from the negative impacts of the pandemic, vietnam's food and beverage industry still has many opportunities for strong development. in particular, more and more consumers are interested in eating clean, healthy, nutritious food of plant origin, organic food or food.


in a survey at the end of 2020, a portion of consumers spent more on immune-boosting and organic foods, with nearly 64% cutting back on alcohol and beer. since then, food businesses have to increase production capacity by about 30%, while beverage businesses reduce output by less than 80% compared to before the covid-19 epidemic.


potential for development of domestic food and beverage industry


before 2020, the f&b market in vietnam continues to grow and is assessed with potential for development and is expected to reach 17.1 million usd (2025). however, the prolonged impact of the pandemic on industry businesses became more pronounced after the outbreak in april, and became more severe since july with the proportion of businesses affected at a severe level. has increased to more than 91%. this shows that the enterprise's resilience has shown signs of weakening.


potential of food & beverage industry in vietnam


changes in spending show that vietnamese consumers have become more cautious amid the pandemic, as well as changing consumption habits from outside to at home. up to 75% of vietnam report's survey respondents have increased their spending on home-cooked food since the outbreak of covid-19, 46% of which are expected to continue to maintain this habit when there is a pandemic community immunity.


the great enemy has made vietnamese consumers gradually accept e-commerce platforms and online shopping channels faster. over 91% of consumers surveyed by vietnam report said they had used online channels to buy food and beverage products since the pandemic broke out. in some specific product categories, the survey also shows that there has been a clear shift from traditional commerce to online channels, especially the food group.


potential for development of domestic food and beverage industry


a number of recent studies have shown that vietnamese consumers express a desire to have a better customer journey, even though this desire takes precedence over deep discounts or promotions. big. for the purpose of improving customer experience, thereby increasing customer loyalty, businesses in the industry will need to increase interaction with customers, better understand their problems and difficulties in order to improve customer experience. thereby designing more reasonable and effective loyalty programs in the new context.


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