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Procedure for stainless steel pipes processing

the sole method available in the nineteenth century for producing stainless steel pipe processing for industrial application was rolling mill technology. long procedures were required for this rolling technique. with the use of funnel rolls, the sheet metal strips that had been rolled were cut into a circular cross section. the forge welding procedure was then used to do the lap welding on these rolled strips.

procedure for stainless steel pipes processing

thankfully, new procedures for stainless steel pipe processing have emerged as a result of research and technology. today, orbital welsing machine is used to create stainless steel pipes and tubes in continuous tube mills. this method make the productivity rise and ensure the quality of the pipe in various industry such as beverage industry.

production of stainless steel pipes and tubes

process description for a tube processing

bending and joining

first, numerous quality checks are done, and the edges of the stainless steel strips are cut. the  stainless steel pipes processing then feed them into the tubes mill. the number of rollers that the strips pass through depends on the required size. the strip is gradually transformed into a tubular shape in the tubes-mill. the trim edges of the strip are then tig welded using the fitted welding equipment. the tibo machine immediately removes the debris and inside weld bead. rolled pipes and tubes are created in this manner.

procedure for stainless steel pipes processing


the phase of cleaning and heating

the lengths at which the rolled stainless steel pipes must be cut depend on the industrial need. then, the dirt is removed from these stainless pipes and tubes through cleaning. these rolled pipes and tubes are also given a heat treatment to reduce any tensions that may develop during the welding and forming procedures. on the continuously rolling hearth furnace, heat treatment is applied. the furnace has temperature recorders and controllers installed. following heat treatment, the stainless steel tubes and pipes are straightened and pickled to remove surface scales.


cold-drawing technique

the needed size might not always be available directly from the mill. the necessary size can then be obtained by using the cold operation procedure. the tubes or pipes are treated with an oxalic and soap solution prior to the cold drawing procedure. as a lubricant, this solution lowers friction during cold drawing operations. using die plugs, the tube or pipe is drawn over the bench during the cold drawing process.

procedure for stainless steel pipes processing


completing a process.

the drawn-out tube or stainless steel pipe is next cleaned, heated, pickled, and straightened. the final pipes or tubes are marked using a computerized ink jet marking equipment. before being given to stainless steel pipe exporters, the pipe or tube is labelled with the grade of the material, size, heat number, and the stamp of a third party inspection. the resulting stainless tubes or pipes will be subject to testing and quality inspections. following this procedure is proper packing and dispatch. these pipes and tubes are subsequently used for several applications involving stainless steel pipes.

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procedure for stainless steel pipes processing


shapes and dimension of stainless steel pipes

we provide and export different orbital welding machine to made the different shape and dimentions of stainless steel pipes

  • round
  • square
  • rectangular

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