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Top 7 Maintenance Work Order Software Features in 2021

below are seven features worth prioritizing when selecting maintenance work order software solutions:


1. mobile usability 

2. real-time chat

3. ability to upload photos 

4. recurring work orders 

5. e-signature sign-offs 

6. asset management accessibility

7. detailed reporting 


top 7 maintenance work order software features in 2021


work order software selection is a matter of personal preference, but some products are better than others. we encourage you to prioritize overall usability, real-time chat, photo uploading, e-signature capability, asset imports, workflow, and user-friendly reporting. maintainx is the best digital maintenance saas on the market designed for mobile, tablet, and desktop interfaces. we are the only cmms platform that handles maintenance, operations, safety, and training. 


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top 7 maintenance work order software features in 2021


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