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Beverage industry and automation trend

automation systems in the beverage industry always require the most stringent requirements on machines and production lines. enterprises providing automated systems in this field need to have experience and many new solutions in line with industry 4.0 trends. let's learn more with swisstech schreiner.

automation systems in the beverage industry

the beverage industry is growing with a multitude of products and extremely large quantities. it requires abundant human resources as well as great working efficiency. in order to avoid wasting labor, time, and production materials, it is necessary to have a production system with high precision, minimizing costs without affecting product quality.

in order to upgrade production lines and increase production efficiency in enterprises, science and technology advances are currently being applied to the beverage industry's production.

automation solutions are appearing in every industry, including the beverage industry. manufacturers use technology to automate tasks and processes. the most prominent of which is the use of orbital welding machines in the beverage industry.

swisstech schreiner willing to offer the best services and devices for customers in beverage industry.

beverage industry and automation trend

in the beverage industry, what needs does the automation system need to meet?

efficiency, productivity

with a population of 100 million people by 2025, vietnam is becoming a very competitive market in the field of the food and beverage industry. to increase competitiveness, businesses need to increase labor productivity and reduce product costs. to do that, the application of automation to the production process is indispensable. the automation system eliminates repetitive processing operations by using machines with high stability and reliability in the process.

beverage industry and automation trend

accuracy, uniformity

when the automation system is applied, the production is carried out seamlessly according to a pre-set cycle, avoiding the occurrence of errors and stagnation in a process. the application of modern technology not only minimizes manpower and increases production productivity but also strictly controls the production stages. it's thanks to the computer software management system.

the beverage industry requires piping systems with extremely smooth internal surfaces to prevent the accumulation of contaminants on pipe walls or weld joints. as soon as it is large enough, a buildup of particles, moisture, or contaminants can build up and damage the production process.

the role of automation in automated production lines in the beverage industry

product cost is one of the special factors that determine customer needs. when the economy is facing inflation, the cost of materials and labor also increases. when the product price is too high but the effect is equivalent to the same product from other brands, it will be detrimental to the business. therefore, it is necessary to choose the optimal production method of the beverage industry to reduce the product cost. and automation was born to support businesses in this regard. it helps to save production costs, thereby reducing product prices.

labor saving

with the same level of capacity measurement, if using automatic machines, labor productivity can increase by 300–400% compared to using conventional labor.

save production time.

the role of automation is not only to save labor but also time. machines can operate in accordance with the supervisor's preset procedures. and there is almost no downtime for machines, which limits waste.

beverage industry and automation trend

improved quality and accuracy

parameters when the machine is operating will be automatically controlled to return to the standard state. it ensures high quality and precision in the production and assembly processes of the beverage industry.

increase profits with automation technologies.

automation technology has far exceeded the economic efficiency of workers for many reasons. the truth is that machines are replacing humans in many fields. especially in both daily life and specific jobs. to increase profits, an effective way to do this is to put technology into production. technology is always changing, and businesses need to improve the configuration of their machines continuously. prioritize the selection of machines equipped with the most advanced software to control errors in the working process.

it can be seen that the use of automated equipment such as automatic orbital welding machines is very important in today's beverage industry. for more information, please visit swisstech's website.


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