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Beverage Industry Trend to Watch in 2022

beverage industry trend are of interest, as the beverage industry faces many challenges. these are issues of supply, rising prices, and the mature nature of many beverages. the following article will cover the top beverage trends and are expected to attract more in the future.

beverage industry trend in 2022

plant milk

plant-based milks, especially nut milks, are increasingly popular and are becoming a global nutritional trend thanks to their abundant nutritional source, beneficial to users' health. the raw materials for making milk are all nutritious nuts such as walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts ... or cereals such as rice, corn, oats ... to help the body stay healthy and full of energy.

beverage industry trend to watch in 2022

in addition, nut milk is delicious, easy to drink, has a variety of types, does not cause boredom. suitable for all ages, especially good for pregnant women and children.

detox water

the demand for fruit juice is increasing day by day. because it helps to purify the body, lose weight, keep in shape, it brings potential to stores and individuals trading this item. detox drinks converge all the elements to become a healthy food, help people detoxify the body, support weight loss, care for skin, treat acne, slow down the aging process...

the main customers of this product are people who are busy but still want to have a healthy body. not only women are new to using this product, but men also become regular customers of this water. therefore, in the coming time, detox water will have the opportunity to develop more widely.

herbal tea

herbal tea is considered a remedy for many diseases without spending a lot of money. the use of dried herbs, flowers, fruits, bark... completely natural extracts creates trust for customers. chrysanthemum tea, butterfly pea flower tea, artichoke tea, licorice tea, ginger tea, lotus tea... with ancient flavors but now have become ethereal modern style. trading herbal tea in the trend of combining modern and traditional will be not a bad idea.

prospects for the development of the beverage industry

beverage industry belongs to the fast-moving consumer goods industry. for many years, this has always been one of the important and potential economic sectors with a forecasted growth rate of 5-6%/year in the period 2020-2025 as assessed and assessed by the state bank of vietnam. many economists.

beverage industry trend to watch in 2022

beverage industry is also constantly changing in a positive direction, constantly improving competitiveness and increasing investment in the infrastructure system including houses, workshops, warehouses, yards or modern production process and corporate governance.
despite being in the context of being affected by the covid-19 pandemic, this is also a time when it is considered that there are many strong development opportunities for the food and beverage industry in vietnam. especially when today, consumers are increasingly tending to pay more attention to nutritious foods of plant origin, organic foods or healthy, convenient nutritional ingredients...

along with that is the shift in habits from eating at restaurants to eating at home, and concerns about imported foods... make the forecast of consumption demand of some food and beverage groups not stop growing rapidly and is forecasted to have many breakthroughs in 2021 and the following years.

currently, it is thanks to covid-19 that has created a push for nearly 70% of food and beverage businesses to focus strongly on digital transformation. many enterprises have built and applied modern technological processes in production and management, so they have proved quite stable in the crisis. except for the direct production workers at the factories who are forced to work in shifts, all other activities of the enterprise can be controlled and monitored remotely through software, applications and systems. camera system such as warehouse, warehousing, delivery, sales, distribution or even conferences, meetings...

the above are the beverage industry trends that are predicted to be strongly prevalent in 2022. hopefully with this article, swisstechschreiner.com has partly helped bartenders as well as beverage businesses have more ideas. fresh ideas for upcoming projects.

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