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Maintenance work welding - Process, purpose

maintenance work welding is necessary and important work to keep machinery and equipment operating at its best. you may not know that fast machinery reduces its life mainly because it is not maintained and maintained regularly. however, not all businesses have a proper maintenance plan for their machines.

in the article below, let's swisstechschreiner.com learn about the most standard equipment maintenance process 

purpose of maintenance work welding

maintenance work welding is essential for businesses because:

  • check the performance of the machines, as well as check the temperature and optimize the machine
  • determine the condition of the machines and make the optimal plan for each type of machine
  • determine the operating time of the machine to replace some damaged components
  • determine maintenance time as well as cost for maintenance
  • analyze the effects that make machines vulnerable, then transfer the information to the research department to come up with solutions
  • analyze the damaged state of the machine to offer appropriate maintenance plans
  • identify undesirable consequences when machinery is damaged
  • distribution of time from start of use to failure to calculate the average failure rate of the machinery.
  • find a way to reduce the number of components or parts in the machine.
  • identify alternative repair options if the current plan fails for each type of failure.

maintenance work welding - process, purpose

benefits of maintenance work welding

  • maintenance work welding increases the operational readiness of machines and equipment.
  • minimize machine downtime.
  • minimize costs in production for businesses.
  • improve productivity for all kinds of machinery and equipment.
  • reduce equipment repair costs.
  • increase safety when using machines.

maintenance work welding process

establish the goal of maintenance

the main goal of maintenance is to help machines maintain the best operating condition. the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment must perform the main tasks including

maintenance work welding - process, purpose

improve the reliability of machinery and equipment

maximize costs at the lowest level.
carry out social responsibility.
ensure safety and protect the environment.
to achieve this goal, the best thing that businesses should do is that, before maintaining equipment, should choose a maintenance plan suitable for each type of machine, as well as the production and business conditions of the company. enterprise.

make a plan for maintenance and equipment maintenance

equipment will be classified into the following main categories:

vital equipment: using a condition-based maintenance method (monitoring product quality, vibration, wear, etc.), combined with a routine maintenance method.

maintenance work welding - process, purpose

important equipment: a condition-based maintenance approach is recommended. it is necessary to plan to repair equipment or components immediately after signs of damage. for equipment that cannot be monitored, it should be checked immediately as soon as possible. for example, when the machine stops or the machine is temporarily not in use.

types of auxiliary equipment: apply the method of repair when damaged or restored because in general, these devices are not very important for the business's production and business.

factory-wide repair: this is considered the time to check and restore existing damage in a comprehensive way. according to the law, the repair of the whole factory can only be done when the factory stops working for many days in a row. in addition, for flammable and explosive devices with many risks, it is necessary to stop using them immediately, and have a timely repair plan.

with the above sharing, hope you have the necessary information about maintenance work welding. to see more related articles, please follow our website regularly!