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Method of stainless steel pipe processing for beautiful welds

stainless steel pipes are chosen by many people because of their higher durability than ordinary steel pipes, but in the stainless steel pipes processing,  workers need to have a balance of technical, welding skills and experience.

indeed, because of the high cost, it is easy for unskilled workers to damage materials during the welding process, which is costly.

swiss tech schreiner specializes in providing genuine orbital welding machines willing to share their "method of stainless steel pipe processing for beautiful welds" in order to help you gain more experience and learn more welding techniques. 

benefits and challenges

method of stainless steel pipes processing for beautiful welds

the use of stainless steel in today's industries presents both opportunities and challenges.


- because of its high durability, it is widely used in pipeline engineering and the petrochemical industry.

- because of the properties that prevent bacteria from growing on the surface, it is suitable for the medical, food, and beverage industry.


method of stainless steel pipes processing for beautiful welds

in order to increase production capacity, manufacturers often use stainless steel to increase their competitiveness, but there are 2 things to note:

- stainless steel provides better insulation than carbon steel, but the heat from the arc is concentrated in the weld pool, so choosing the right arc primer and metal compensation can help control the quality of the weld.

- the amount of chromium extracted from the material can cause saccharification, and stainless steel is easily discolored, making it unsightly, and the weld quality is also poor, resulting in more serious and costly damage.

several factors that can affect a manufacturer's stainless steel pipe process are cost, productivity, and welding form.

method of stainless steel pipes processing for beautiful welds

method of stainless steel pipes processing for beautiful welds

stainless steel pipe processing by orbital welding machines is a mandatory requirement because stability and weld quality are better controlled than with conventional manual welding methods.

orbital welding is a tig (tungsten inert gas) welding method that involves moving the welding electrode tip around the work piece to be welded and controlling the electrode with moving speed and amperage at high and low pulse for the best weld results. 

the welding current is continuously controlled for uniform welding results. can be welded on tubes with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 4 mm.

 the shielding gas flow can be controlled to provide sufficient shielding gas and equalize the pressure inside and outside the pipe. if the external pressure is higher, the weld will be concave inward; the opposite direction will make the weld convex.

the temperature of the welding part is controlled to minimize the possibility of burning, oxidizing, denaturing, and discoloring the welding part (especially stainless steel pipe (inox)).

welding the connection of stainless steel pipes will be straight, even, and beautiful when seaming. especially in the case of welding two different materials, the orbital welding machine can also weld well and evenly without deforming the welding part.

orbital welding technology is the solution for the installation, maintenance, and repair of pipeline systems (boiler heat exchanger tubes, heat exchangers) in food factories, which require high-precision pipe welding.

our company, swiss tech, has many years of experience in the field of research and application of welding technology, including the installation of microbial stainless steel pipes for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and beverage industry. specializing in the supply and installation of pharmaceutical pure water treatment systems and clean utility technological pipelines. 

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